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Many people have been led to believe that the only safe birth is a hospital birth. In reality, studies have proven overwhelmingly that hospitals and doctor attendance at birth do not result in the best outcomes for mothers or babies.

In a home birth, the birthing process is allowed to take its own course and set its own pace. The general philosophy is that any interventions like administering drugs or trying to hurry things along, can create more harm than good.

The rate of cesarean deliveries is very low for midwives and homebirths, compared to hospital births. Part of the reason for this low rate is the fact that most homebirths are not high risk. But more importantly, midwives aren't in a hurry. They want to take time with their families.

Labor and childbirth are a natural process and, unless distress to the mother or baby is indicated, this process is not interfered with through drugs, medical equipment or cesarean intervention.

Birth is a well designed process and most women can give birth easily by trusting in themselves and in their practitioner. The most successful homebirthers are those who have a strong commitment to it and who trust in their body's natural ability to birth.

Homebirth may not be a viable option for everyone. An experienced midwife knows the limits of safety and is comfortable helping the parents make other arrangements.

Homebirth allows for full participation of family members. Under the guidance and assistance of the midwife, the opportunity is available for husbands, partners or even older children to catch the child as it is born. These moments can be very powerful and transformational in the lives of the new family.

This is a sacred moment of life, a time to be honored. Midwifery empowers women and their families with the experience of birth in a familiar, safe environment.

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